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Years ago, wandering around, learning, vibing, surfing the streets and the net for the next energy, I came up with a website, www.musixene.com, which was far less inclusive than this one. I tried to get that going, but it turned out to be something which, as envisioned then, would require far too much time and energy to sustain. In the process, and before that, I found, locally, a great variety of highly talented expressors, for lack of a better word. These were musicians, people, with band names and musical equipment, and in some cases vans, but really - cars and SUVs. I got to know a few, which, for me, was invaluable. They had their hearts figured out, while I thought I did. Ultimately, school won the battle.

I was not wrong (opinion) for wanting an alternative resource to be there. Today, at least during the early stages of this site, that original plan to bring attention to local musical artists will be limited to the musical subsection of the arts section of this site. Currently, I suck at websites, which is nothing new.

As for the other arts. They are being poorly represented. I will make no enemies of the larger outlets, for they do serve many purposes. Enough said. Enjoy!